Becky from Oakland, CA sent us this adorable tip for a keepsake craft. She just recently produced cardboard crayon drawings of her two daughters on a rainy day. I cut open the box then laid down each woman (one at a time) then I traced them as well as then we colored them in using […]
I like this picture so much, I just had to post it. You like? Other stuff I took note of this week: Hotslings, what all the hot dads are wearing best now (comes in lots of colors!) New to the U.S. soft leather baby shoes from Boumy, a Dutch company. What no one tells you […]
Sharing is caring! Share Tweet Share Completely You: Fitness Do Infomercial fitness products really Work? By Robin Hilmantel for completely You When you’re on a late-night TV bender, sitting on your couch and eating potato chips, a product that promises to whip you into shape fast can seem like a godsend. but how do you […]
look what I did! I not only made people, but I made Jewish people, just by being born Jewish thirty-some-odd years ago. I’m so pleased of myself and my Jewish-people-making abilities. and my husband, he helped. He made them, too. and he made them half-Jewish, simply by being a Gentile. good job, us! Mazel tov! […]
Teething is one of the worst things you have to offer with as a parent, mainly just since it seriously sucks to enjoy your bit one in pain. If you are going with it, you are most likely on the browse for some simple & risk-free remedies for your baby. If you are already immersed […]
pleased star Wars Day, everyone! (May the fourth be with you, get it?) My house is pretty amped for all things star Wars. even before we showed our young children the films — in the proper purchase of 4, 5, 6, 1, 2, {extended pause for kids to age}, and 3 — we had them playing […]
hi ladies (dudes, please look away), I lost 9 pounds and two inches from my waist in four months. and I’m not only pleased of myself, I want to tell you exactly how I did it and then graph it for you. But first… let me remind you that this is not a site to […]
once your baby can wave “hello”, she or he can begin signing other things, too. If you’re convinced that your baby has something to say, but just doesn’t have the words, consider getting with the signing program. The experts on baby stuff say that you should start signing a few things consistently around 8 months. […]
Picky eating kids can drive a sane mommy crazy. though it pains me to admit: after having three children, I’ve learned that I can not really control what a child will and won’t eat. but I do have influence over the options that are available, and so I focus on that. At the end of […]
There is no worse feeling than your bit one getting sick, as well as at times you can feel quite helpless as a parent. However, there are really lots of things you can do to assist your infant with it. Fevers can be one of the scariest things as a parent of a little baby, […]