add a tool to any project and my kids will be more interested.

Sand in the entryway? They are happy to sick the dustbuster on it.

Batter needs stirring? Let’s plug in the electric mixer.

A spray bottle of water is the preferred method for watering plants, a straw makes milk taste better, and using a fly swatter is more satisfying than whacking a gnat with a rolled up magazine.

Recently I discovered another tool to add to our domestic arsenal: Q-tips.

Scarlett had scraped up her leg and wanted me to do something about it. special cream! Wight now! but not to touch it. I need a band-aid! but don’t touch it! I don’t want to see the blood! but don’t cover it! Did I mention she’s four?

After some tears of anxiety (hers) and some eye-rolling (mine) over how we could possibly apply anything to her skin without touching it, I decided I needed to give her full control of the situation. I gave her a tube of Arnica ointment (homeopathic stuff) and a Q-tip and showed her how to apply the cream “without touching the owie”.

Not only was she proud to be manipulating two grown up items at the same time — a cotton swab and a medicinal product — her arm’s reach was extended by the length of the Q-tip. Plus, there was nothing for her to blame me for as I was standing at least six feet away from her (taking this picture)!

Disclosure: This tip is part of a sponsored series or posts we are working on with Q-TIP cotton swabs.


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