Give Your shower room a healthy Makeover

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Give Your shower room a healthy Makeover

By Winnie Yu for completely You

Germy toilets. Grimy showers. Cluttered cabinets. It’s easy to see why the shower room may be one of the unhealthiest rooms in your house.

Take control of your shower room this year by giving it a healthy makeover for spring. Some basic reorganizing, cleaning and change of routines will have your shower room clean and sparkly in no time. here are eight easy makeover ideas from Donna Duberg, assistant professor of scientific laboratory science for St. Louis University:

Bathroom Makeover step No. 1: clear the clutter. Leaving cosmetics on the counter exposes them to bacteria, which is then applied to your eyes, face and mouth. “Keep them in something covered if you do,” says Duberg. In addition, lotion bottles, toothpaste and hairbrushes give dust and other germs an additional place to settle. too much clutter also discourages routine cleaning. Instead, stash these products in drawers and closets.

Bathroom Makeover step No. 2: Bring toothbrushes out on the counter.Sealing them up in a closed environment, like your medicine cabinet, encourages bacterial growth, says Duberg. If you need to keep them there, try drying the toothbrush with a clean towel first. If you keep your toothbrush on the counter or sink, keep it as far from the toilet as possible to avoid any germ spray if someone forgets to close the lid before flushing. Also, whenever someone in the house has diarrhea or a respiratory illness, replace toothbrushes as soon as the health problem ends.

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Bathroom Makeover step No. 3: Purge your medicine cabinet. get rid of medications that have expired or that you no longer need. read labels very carefully for instructions on disposal. call the local trash and recycling service and ask about drug take-back programs. If there are no instructions or programs, mash up the drugs and mix them into coffee grounds or kitty litter. seal them in a plastic bag or coffee can before throwing them in the trash.

Bathroom Makeover step No. 4: post a tip over the toilet.The tip must say something like, “Always close the lid when you flush.” This is crucial because toilets consist of a lot more than 3 million bacteria per square inch, says Duberg. Flushing creates an aerosol that allows the germs to land on toothbrushes, counters and magazines — and anything else that’s close by.

shower room Makeover step No. 5: check the vent. Dust, mold and bacteria can collect in vents too. When you turn on the vent, it distributes these unhealthy organisms. give your vents a thorough cleaning or vacuuming once a month.

Bathroom Makeover step No. 6: wipe down the shower and tub.And be sure to do it after each use too. Viruses and bacteria from your skin collect on these surfaces. The moist setting also supplies a breeding ground for mold. Spritz surfaces every few days with a mixture made up of one part vinegar and nine parts water. Vinegar doesn’t require rinsing and is safe for children and pets. If you like a 10 percent bleach solution, keep in mind that it has to be rinsed off and prepared freshly every day in buy to kill mold.

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Bathroom Makeover step No. 7: wash the floors. wipe down the floors with the vinegar and water mix you use on the shower surfaces. use washable rugs that are easily tossed in the washer and dryer. and don’t wear outdoor shoes in the shower room — or anywhere else in the house.

Got a lot more ideas for how to give your shower room ahealthy makeover? comment below or connect with us @Completely_Youis completely You’s mommy blogger. She has two daughters (Samantha, 14, and Annie, 12) and is the author of seven books, including new Mother’s guide to Breastfeeding and What to eat for what Ails You. Her work has appeared in many publications, including Woman’s Day, AARP Bulletin, Prevention and

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