Month: February 2023

hi ladies (dudes, please look away), I lost 9 pounds and two inches from my waist in four months. and I’m not only pleased of myself, I want to tell you exactly how I did it and then graph it for you. But first… let me remind you that this is not a site to […]
once your baby can wave “hello”, she or he can begin signing other things, too. If you’re convinced that your baby has something to say, but just doesn’t have the words, consider getting with the signing program. The experts on baby stuff say that you should start signing a few things consistently around 8 months. […]
Picky eating kids can drive a sane mommy crazy. though it pains me to admit: after having three children, I’ve learned that I can not really control what a child will and won’t eat. but I do have influence over the options that are available, and so I focus on that. At the end of […]
There is no worse feeling than your bit one getting sick, as well as at times you can feel quite helpless as a parent. However, there are really lots of things you can do to assist your infant with it. Fevers can be one of the scariest things as a parent of a little baby, […]
Life as a mother is filled with an unlimited list of things to do and worry about. From pregnancy through, well pretty much through the rest of time, there is something to do or worry about. We found these 10 brands that make life a little bit easier, a little less worrisome and overall just […]
Co-sleeping is a popular concept in which the baby sleeps in the same bed as the parents, especially as a newborn and infant. other popular options are using a bassinet or basket that allows the baby to sleep in the same room with the parents but in their own bed. Whatever route you choose, they […]
Unfortunately, infants don’t include a guide book as well as still, somehow, every person you satisfy is going to have some piece of recommendations to show you. Sifting with all the recommendations can be tough, which is why we have damaged down the most crucial recommendations for new parents into bit bits for you below! […]
In the world of outside toys, scooters reign supreme in both the minds of parents and kids. They are fairly easy to learn to ride, and when adjusted correctly can be very strong and safe. Whether you are trying to find something to introduce your toddler to riding a scooter or trying to find a […]
Whoever invented refrigerator magnets must not have minded their children blocking access to the refrigerator. I don’t get this. I like to take the magnets off the fridge. put them in muffin tins or on a cookie sheet. lots of fun and much more portable than the fridge.   The stuff (you probably have most […]
Sharing is caring! Share Tweet Share These photos didn’t turn out very well, but count on me they are my cucumber plants. This is my third garden out here in California and the third time I planted cucumbers. It is also the first time that they did not die. Cucumbers need a lot of water. […]