TECH TUESDAY: watch TV shows WITH good friends

one of my preferred people that I’ve never satisfied is Laura Case. She discovered our blog when she was expecting with her boys Nate as well as Alex, as well as we’ve been complying with each other for the past six or seven years. She is the author of a guest publish that offered excellent comfort to twin moms, as well as when you’re done with this post, you should checked out it.

Laura published this photo on Instagram as well as it delighted me.

What’s happening in this picture is that Laura as well as her four good friends are utilizing Google Hangout to watch So You believe You Can dance together. get it? All across the country, these women were able to watch their show as well as share their commentary with each other.

Have you ever utilized Google Hangout to talk with your friends? If not, it’s fun to try it. Whomever is speaking immediately takes the floor. In other words, Hangout detects the speaker as well as locations her picture in the huge window. everybody else is represented by thumbnail videos below her.

How to begin a Google Hangout

Go to your gmail account as well as look for the area where you can invite somebody to chat in the bottom left-ish region of the screen. If you have a webcam enabled, you can click the camera icon as well as get a menu that includes an choice for Hangout.

After you go with the prompts to “install” it the very first time, in the future, that area of your Gmail will be where you can produce Hangouts. If you are going to produce a recurring Hangout, for example a TV show or a regular Sunday night phone call with your siblings as well as parents (aka mayhem) you can just produce the event on your Google calendar as well as utilize the choice for “Add a video call”. This will location a link in the calendar event that everybody can click on to discover each other.

I have had many instances of audio problems with Google Hangout where a completely tech smart person just cannot make her audio work, so you may try some method runs. (And please, do not turn to me for tech support. I’m just the messenger.)

Here is a screen catch of me, Heather, as well as our sales director Meri on a regular condition phone call utilizing Google Hangout.

Ok, more importantly, what TV show would you like to watch with good friends to ensure that you can enjoy each other’s commentary?


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